Dental burs are among the most recurrently used mechanical devices in the dental industry. Burs used for dental procedures are generally made from diamond particle or tungsten carbide coatings, with ceramic and zirconia burs also available. The designs of dental burs comprise of many sizes and configurations, depending on the dental process, clinician’s preference and bur’s complete efficiency. The selection of a suitable burs is very crucial for effective and safe removal of dental hard tissues and caries.


 The global dental burs market has shown sustainable growth owing to upsurge in geriatric population, corresponding age-related dental diseases coupled with rising prevalence of tooth decay & periodontal diseases in the overall population across the globe. Moreover, new product launches and growing dental tourism in emerging markets such as China, India etc. are further fuelling the market growth. Also, gradual shift towards newer technologies and products and low penetration rate of dental implants are some of the opportunities which are expected to fuel the growth of this market in coming years. However, the global dental burs market is hampered by high cost of dental implants and dearth of skilled professionals. 

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Dental Burs Market Segmental Overview

The report analyses the global dental burs market based on shank type, material, shape, application and geography.


There are three main types of shank including long straight shank, latch-type shank and friction grip shank. Friction Grip Shank’s standard length is 20mm long, however longer surgical lengths are available and these are commonly needed for veterinary work. Friction grip shank fit into the turbine of a high-speed handpiece. 

Dental Burs Market by Material 

Dental burs are made up of using various materials such as stainless steel, tungsten carbide etc. Tungsten carbide is about three times stiffer than steel and are enormously hard. These burs can withstand high temperatures, whereas, the hardness of these burs is instrumental in maintaining a sharp cutting edge and can be used multiple times without becoming dull. Furthermore, tungsten carbide leaves the tooth surface smooth and more aesthetically pleasing, and hence it is preferred by majority of dentists. 


Dental burs are available in various shapes including round, straight, inverted cone, tapered fissure and pear shaped. Among various shapes, the pear shaped burs are anticipated to flourish at a lucrative rate, followed by the round shaped segment.


Dental burs finds major application in surgical, orthodontic, laboratory etc. Orthodontic devices are used to correct malocclusion and include removable retainers and bruxism guards, as well as braces, brackets and fixed retainers cemented onto the teeth. Orthodontic technology has evolved over the years. Also, increasing number of orthodontic clinics in emerging countries and the growing number of group dental practices in North America and Europe are factors propelling the growth of this segment.


By geography, the global dental burs market is studied across the countries of key regions such as, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. North America is estimated to account for the largest share, followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific. Factors such as increasing government expenditure on oral healthcare, rising adoption of dental cosmetic treatments and increased penetration of value dental implants are fuelling the growth in North America. In addition to this, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to grow at a lucrative growth rate during the forecast period. This high growth can be attributed to growing dental concern among people leading to increase in demand for dental procedures. Moreover, upsurge in healthcare and cosmetic expenditures of people in the countries such as India, China, and South Korea, and the rising geriatric population are the other key factors boosting the market growth.


Some of the major companies operating in the global dental burs market include Tri Hawk Inc., Komet, MANI, INC, Kerr Dental, Microcopy, Prima Dental Group, Brasseler USA and 3M among others. New product launches and endorsements are the key growth strategies adopted by major players to reinforce their positions in the international market. For instance, in March 2017, Brasseler USA launched the winter restorative concepts family of diamond burs and refinement instruments. The winter restorative concepts line offers most positive outcomes possible for the widest range of crown and design in both anterior and posterior regions.

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