If Mut 23 coins you could pinpoint any specific aspect of Madden 23 as truly indicative of "next-generation" consoles, what characteristic would it be and what would it be?

The most obvious is the quality of the image. It's the players. The settings as well as clothing... The entire scene is recreated with an incredible degree of clarity. This is way beyond what we've ever done before.

The public is aware of this as "next generation" immediately they are able to see it. One thing that's significant is the specificity in the way our UI team created the interface in order to make it usable and accessible. It is also expandable. Anyone who is a fan of franchise mode will see a change right away.

What was your process for deciding which aspects to retain and what to remove from the latest-gen Madden 23? Madden 23 and, if so, what was the reason?

It wasn't as much about the decision of what to keep but it was the decision of what to redo first...with the intention of delivering the latest engine across all platforms everything that was "ported" to.

The design plan was based on the perspective of defining the fundamental Madden experience. We believe that the Madden experience begins with great gameplay, and then continues into buy madden nfl 23 coins franchise mode which is our most played game mode.