The difference between the vehicle GPS positioning system and the vehicle management system is actually better. However, many non-professional personnel are still a little confused about these two systems, especially in the scene of corporate vehicle management.

First introduce the vehicle management system, which is primarily a system developed for units to manage vehicles. The system mainly includes vehicle management module, terminal equipment management module, query calculation sub-module and system maintenance sub-module. In the meantime, the vehicle management module is mainly for vehicle management. The vehicle management module mainly includes vehicle information; the terminal device management module queries vehicle status information based on terminal information; the query calculation sub-module can calculate the ACC information and mileage information of the target vehicle.

Therefore, the vehicle management system is actually an integral part of the software, which can also be called vehicle management software, vehicle management platform, etc. Compared with the on-board GPS positioning system, this system is more complicated. It can be understood as a system consisting of multiple components, including the vehicle management system listed above. In addition, there are also IoT card communication systems and hardware terminals. These are all combined to form a vehicle GPS positioning system.

The IoT card communication system mainly refers to the SIM flow card. Different devices require flow cards of different standards and different flows. Special attention should be paid when using them, and try to make the flow more abundant to prevent downtime. GPS hardware terminals, commonly known as GPS, are basically divided into three types: wiring type, OBD interface type, and strong magnetic installation-free type. It can certainly be subdivided, so I won’t explain the differentiation here.

The above is the difference between the vehicle 3g gps tracker system and the vehicle management system. In short, one is parts and the other is the complete machine.