Anyone familiar with the business world must have heard the name Umar Farooq Zahoor, the former director of AMERI GROUP Dubai, UAE. He is one of the groundbreaking businessmen who was born in Oslo, Norway. Starting his career at the ripe age of 18 with a travel company that was his own, today he is known worldwide for his entrepreneurship skills. His journey inspired millions of young budding business minds all over the world.

umar farooq zahoor

Sheikh Umar Farooq Zahoor achieved remarkable fame in the business world at the age of 44. Besides his own business he is also known to be an impertinent investor. His soaring career is indebted to his strong instincts and effective decisions. His smart intuitions and the courage to take enormous risks have made him such an inspiring as well as a coveted personality.

This successful Norwegian-Pakistani businessman who was born in Oslo, Norway, from where he primarily conducts his business, and has extended his business to countries like Switzerland, Mexico, Egypt, and further. He has terrific influential connections around the world and is respected among the business circle immensely. He has spread his majestic business wings into the industries like oil, energy, hospitality, power, infrastructure, and gas.

One’s business records are enough to bring one fame and riches on a platter, but to be a role model requires a lot more. Umar Farooq Zahoor, besides being one the wealthiest people, also indulges in frequent philanthropic activities. He has graced several organizations with his generous touch. He is also involved in CSR, corporate social responsibility activities. His overall personality which is an amalgamation of intelligence and magnanimity makes young people look up to him as a role model.

Every young aspiring entrepreneur or investor has at least once looked up to him for his inspiration. In a world today where the economy is crashing, youngsters are more and more reluctant to pursue their careers in business and instead take up mediocre jobs to live a mediocre life with some sense of security. At this time the role of such exalting personalities takes importance more than ever. It is only by looking up to personalities like Umar Farooq Zahoor the brilliant young minds can dare to pursue the dreams of such extreme stature. And some even achieve it.

His journey is also an inspiring one. He started with his travel company and now has under him a chain of industries. His Midas touch has achieved great success in every sphere that he has undertaken. Today many small businessmen all around the world follow his model and are willing to take big risks to extend their businesses. He has given them the lesson of the importance of being a good investor besides being a shrewd businessman.

All the ventures that he has in different industries are bringing in lucrative returns for him. His business is an ever-increasing one which keeps extending almost every year making him more and more respected in the world of investment and business.